We are delighted to present to you the EFCCA PROJECTS DIGEST. This newsletter will include information regarding the 5 Horizon Europe projects, 2 Horizon 2020 projects, and other projects that EFCCA is presently engaged in. The PROJECTS DIGEST  will be published every 2-3 months, and we trust it will serve as a valuable resource for delving deeper into our ongoing research initiatives.

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Horizon Europe - miGut

We take great pleasure in informing you that EFCCA is one of the 12 partners coming from 9 countries of the consortium for the miGut-Health Project, which has been selected for European funding under the Horizon 2020 framework. This project will strive to empower people living with IBD by creating state-of-the-art strategies for early disease prediction, prevention, and health monitoring. This will be achieved through data-driven approaches, personalised preventive interventions (such as nutritional changes), and innovative eHealth solutions.

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EFCCA Magazine 2/2024

We’re excited to share our latest edition of the EFCCA Magazine!   Discover how EFCCA and its members are making a difference locally and globally, from raising IBD awareness through impactful campaigns advocating for improved healthcare policies.

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EFCCA Magazine 1/2024

We’re excited to share this year's first edition of the EFCCA magazine

- Read our interview with R. Campanella, as he shares his patient perspective from the 3rd ECCO Council Meeting which gathered national representatives from the patient and ECCO community

- Discover the news from our members, sharing their stories and experiences. 

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New survey!!!

Survey about perceptions regarding the possibility of prediction and prevention of IBD.
We need to hear as many voices as possible, especially from first-degree relatives of people with IBD. You still have time to participate, encourage your relatives, and be part of IBD research!

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