EFCCA Patient Talks

COVID-19 and medicines supply: “Are we running out of medicines?”

Will I be able to access my biologics/biosimilars treatment?”, “Will my other IBD medicines be affected by COVID-19?”, “Are costs of my medicines likely to rise?”

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Surgery in IBD

There are some topics that are hard to discuss, for which people may not want to share their opinions.  Surgery in people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is one of these neglected topics. It is, however, extremely relevant and important to collect information about the perception of surgery, the impact on the quality of life, and worries about it.

The results of this important survey have now been published in the in the Colorectal Disease Journal.

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EFCCA Patient Talks

COVID-19 psycho-social impact of lockdown in patients with IBD

“How did the IBD patient community cope with the lockdown?”, “Which is the real meaning of isolation for a person living with IBD?”, “What is really back to normal meaning? “Which role did the patient associations play in the lockdown”?

Read time: 2 mins


ImmUniverse in a nutshell - watch and share our brand-new animated clip! Together, we @ImmUniverse_EU will improve diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients living with #ulcerativecolitis and #atopicdermatitis. See more on www.immuniverse.eu 

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The IBD Journey

The video ¨The IBD Journey¨ highlights the need for multi-disciplinary care in treating IBD, from a range of healthcare providers and carers, including doctors, nurses, psychologists and nutritionists.

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Educational Forum on Biologics

There are still places available for the educational forum on biologics, to take place on 2 December 2021 from 17 to 19h Central European Time.
This forum on key topics related to biologic medicines as well as on challenges of ensuring optimal disease management for patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic is being organised by the pharmaceutical company CELLTRION.
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