ECCO GRADE Crohn’s Disease (CD)Treatment Guidelines

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The European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation [ECCO] produces and regularly updates several guidelines to provide evidence-based guidance on critical aspects of IBD care to all health care professionals who manage patients with IBD. 

Since the initiation of the first project in 2006, the ECCO Guidelines have become standard references for IBD management in Europe and around the world. The guidelines are freely accessible and available for download on the ECCO Website and JCC Online. 

ECCO is updating the Guidelines on a regular basis using GRADE Methodology [Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation]) for its major Guidelines on Therapeutics in CD and UC.
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Revision of the Crohn’s Disease (CD)Treatment Guidelines 2022-2024

The revision of the Guidelines on Crohn’s Disease is currently underway, and we are pleased that EFCCA continues to cooperate with ECCO on this work. A group of 8 patient representatives has been selected to participate in the Working Group on revising the guidelines and ensuring that the patient’s perspective is presented right from the start.

We welcome that ECCO recognises the need for and importance of involving patients’ associations in decision-making and defining relevant outcomes in a patient-oriented way. The involvement of patients is critical to making the guidelines relevant not just for clinicians but also for patients.

The kick-off meeting took place in Vienna on 14 September 2022. About 50 participants from all over the world gathered to discuss the work ahead. There will be four Working Groups:

 WG1: Induction and remission
 WG2: Maintenance of remission and de-escalation
 WG3: Perianal disease
 WG4: Surgery in abdominal CD

The revision process is foreseen to last about 18 months, with the new guidelines being ready by 2024.

Watch this space as we will be regularly updating work in progress.


Patient representatives at the kick-off meeting, Vienna, 14 September 2022.

Project date: 
September, 2022