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We launched our Youth Academy addressed to young IBD patients (aged between 18 and 30) with the aim to increase the representativeness of the youth group, create a cohesive group of leaders of tomorrow and to empower young representatives.

The training programme was launched in November 2021 via the EFCCA's online learning platform and was attended by 14 students.

In the first training module our CEO, Luisa Avedano, and Deputy Director, Isabella Haaf, kicked off the programme with a module called “The history of EFCCA, its mission, values, and strategic priorities.” With this first module we wanted to bring the ins and outs of EFCCA closer to our young representatives.

In the second training module students heard from Marco Greco, President of the European Patients’ Forum since 2014, EFCCA chairman from 2008 to 2014, founder of the EFCCA Youth Group, and its leader from 2003 till 2007 as well as from Daniel Sundstein, EFCCA Youth Leader from 2021 to 2015, EYG board member (2009-2016) and EFCCA Board member (2012-2015). They talked about the journey that led to the creation of the youth group in about 50 rapid-fire questions!

In the third module Clara Drammeh discussed “The foundations for the democratic and harmonious development of second-level associations”, teaching subjects like good governance, youth empowerment and strategic thinking and planning. Clara is a dedicated scout and youth advocate; she is experienced with facilitation in civil society contexts and non-formal education. She is also part of the pool of experts of the European Youth Forum, which is the platform of youth organisations in Europe representing over 100 youth organisations, which bring together tens of millions of young people from all over Europe.

In the final training module called “Team building and leadership shaping: the basics”, Clara again talked about “Community Building and Leadership, Advocacy and Lobbying and Project Management”, Isabella Haaf gave an overview on the role of communication and how to be effective, and to conclude, Andrea Broggi, EFCCA Legal consultant, taught students why and how a patient organisation should be accountable and transparent to stakeholders.












After completing the training, students were asked to perform a final work. 

We added two new end-of-course work assignments from the EFCCA Youth Academy for 2023 on our website! Check out the insightful projects completed by our talented students:

For more information, please write to Maria Stella De Rocchis mariastella.derocchis@efcca.org