MEPs propose ways to make medicines more affordable

New medicine prices in the EU have risen over the past few decades, to the point of being unaffordable for many EU citizens and threatening the sustainability of national health care systems. 

To strike a better balance between EU countries’ public health interests and those of the pharmaceutical industry, it calls for measures to improve the traceability of R&D costs, public funding and marketing expenditure.


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Medical devices: more safety, more traceability

Stricter rules to ensure that medical devices such as breast or hip implants are traceable and comply with EU patient safety requirements were backed by MEPs on Wednesday. MEPs also approved laws to tighten up information and ethical requirements for diagnostic medical devices, e.g. for pregnancy or DNA testing.


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Date of issue: 2017-04-05


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Symposium on Innovations in Gastroenterology

We are pleased to announce a new initiative, "Innovations in Gastroenterology, 2017 Symposium” to be held in Tel Aviv, January 4-6, 2017.

This will be an exclusive event where gastroenterologists, researchers, and the pharmaceutical industry from all over the world can meet and learn about novel emerging technologies as well as practical gastroenterology and hepatology. We have mentioned this concept to many friends and colleagues, and have received nothing but enthusiastic responses.

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"From Health System Sustainability To Promoting Inclusive Growth" - Conference Report

The Lithuanian Health Forum Conference held in Vilnius was organised to consolidate and address the policies, goals, and objectives of the Vilnius Declaration’s “Sustainable Health Systems for Inclusive Growth”, which was developed and circulated internationally during the 2013 European Council Presidency.

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Artificial Nutrition

PACIFHAN assists people travelling with Home Artificial Nutrition

“To travel is to live” Hans Christian Andersen

Imagine having a complex medical condition and treatment that enables you to live but, when it comes to travelling could pose problems if you find yourself in a medical situation unable to converse in the local language.

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World IBD Day 2013

This month on 19 May World IBD Day is marked in many countries worldwide.


Please check out the World IBD Day website to learn more about and support some of the activities that EFCCA and other other sister organisations from around the globe are organising to raise awareness and to highlight what it means to live with IBD.

World IBD Day website at


Date of issue: 2013-05-19


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Pact for Patient Safety

New fraternity launched for safer healthcare everywhere
 Brussels, October 15, 2014: The Irish Patients Association today launched the Pact for Patient Safety at the European Parliament with the participation of the European Commission, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the European Ombudsman.

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EFCCA breaking news nr. 2/2011


As anticipated in the previous issue of our breaking news, EFCCA is collecting information on practices and initiatives on the World IBD Day planned by Member Associations. I'm particularly pleased to present you the first set of information coming from Crohn's and Colitis UK the brand-new working name of the National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease (NACC).

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