EFCCA Annual General Meeting 2014

Commissioner Borgh addressing EFCCA General Assembly

Commissioner Borgh from the European Commission´s Directorate for Health and Consumers welcomed delegates to the  24 General Assembly of EFCCA which took place in Graz (Austria) from 3-6 April 2014.


In his pre-recorded speech Commissioner Borgh acknowledged and applauded the work of EFCCA and showed his support to the efforts that the national associations and EFCCA were undertaking to improve the lives of people with IBD.


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The 26th Annual General Meeting of EFCCA took place in Brussels from 27-28 May 2016. It gathered over 40 delegates for one and a half days of busy work and exchange of information. In addition to the dealing with the institutional work and activities, delegates of the GA also listened to a presentation made by Marek Lichota from Apetitie for Life about artificial nutrition, a subject of particular interest for people with IBD.  The presentation was followed by a lively debate and exchange of ideas.

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Symptom Tracker

After the initial testing phase, this new tool to support patients with Ulcerative Colitis in keeping track of daily changes and improvements with the disease is finally available. If you would like to use the tool, register on the homepage and let us know your impressions.

Please check out the tool at:


Any feedback please send  to Isabella Haaf:

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the Effects of Tobacco/Nicotine Use

There is little patient-centered research aimed at assessing patients' perceived impact of smoking or nicotine use on their Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Therefore, EFCCA is supporting a survey on the perceived effect of smoking/nicotine use on the symptoms and progression of Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis in patients who are current adult smokers and/or nicotine-containing product users. 

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EFCCA 2013 GA - Save the date

EFCCA General Assembly 14-17 March 2013 Slovenia

Next years General Assembly will take place on 14-17 March 2013 and will be hosted by our Slovenian colleagues from the KVCB. More information will be made available in our "members" area of the website.

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