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The primary objective of the TRAFFIC clinical research studies is to find out if the investigational medicine being studied is effective in reducing the severity of the symptoms to the point of remission in individuals with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease when compared to placebo. The secondary objective is to evaluate if the investigational medicine being studied is effective in sustaining disease remission. Remission means absence or sustained reduction of symptoms.


Study participants must be:

18 to 65 years of age
Diagnosed with: moderate to severe ulcerative colitis for three months or longer or moderate to severe Crohn’s disease for six months or longer
Experienced an unsatisfactory response to medications to treat your condition i.e., your symptoms continued despite treatment or your symptoms came back while still on treatment or you experienced negative side effects. 

There are other eligibility requirements that the study doctor will review with you if you are interested in participating in this study. Only the study doctor can determine whether you are eligible to participate in the study or not.


Patients who qualify and wish to get more information could receive an initial study-related consultation, study-related examinations, and active study medication and /or placebo (an inactive substance).


Find out if you may be eligible to participate in an inflammatory bowel disease clinical research study.


For ulcerative colitis you can also visit:


For Crohn’s disease you can also visit:


Thank you for your interest in clinical research. Participants in clinical research play an integral role in developing potentially better ways to treat various medical conditions.

Project date: 
May, 2016