EFCCA Symposium: Digital Health and Data Collection

EFCCA organised a symposium on “Digital Health and Data: IBD patients´ view and perspectives”  which took place during the ECCO Congress on 14 February 2020 from 14-15h in Vienna, Austria.

This was an unique event bringing together IBD patients, healthcare providers and other stakeholder in order to start discussions on how digital health and big data can contribute in delivering more personalised care and offering a higher quality of life of patients with IBD.

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Advocacy workshop on patient safety

From 4-6 February 2016 EFCCA (the European Federation of Crohn´s and Ulcerative Colitis Associations) together with GAfPA (Global Alliance for Patient Access) organised an advocacy workshop on patient safety which took place in Barcelona and gathered over 60 patient representatives from a wide range of immune modulate disease groups.

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Symposium on Patient Safety

On 30 May 2015 EFCCA organized the Symposium on Patient Safety, which took place in Brussels and gathered for the first time representatives from the medical and patient community

as well as representatives from the pharmaceutical industries and other stakeholders in order to discuss the issue of biological medicines and biosimilars.

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ECCO-EFCCA Patient Guidelines

The highly anticipated translations of the ECCO-EFCCA Patient Guidelines have been completed and will be officially  launched in February 2017 at the 12th Congress of ECCO in Barcelona. The ECCO Guidelines on UC and CD are considered the reference for practice by a majority of the specialist IBD units in Europe. The translations of these guidelines from medical to lay language offers patients and physicians a common background of knowledge that may facilitate dialogue, understanding and common involvement in decision making.

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"From Health System Sustainability To Promoting Inclusive Growth" - Conference Report

The Lithuanian Health Forum Conference held in Vilnius was organised to consolidate and address the policies, goals, and objectives of the Vilnius Declaration’s “Sustainable Health Systems for Inclusive Growth”, which was developed and circulated internationally during the 2013 European Council Presidency.
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Transition care in IBD

EFCCA CEO,  Luisa Avedano, participated at the press conference on Paediatric Digestive Health during the UEG Week in Vienna on 17 October 2016. She presented the Transition to Adult Care project that was being implemented by the EFCCA Youth Group and which aimed to better understand the needs of young people with IBD as concerns transitory care.

The press conference was organised following the publication of the UEG´s report on Paediatric Digestive Health Across Europe.

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