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Exploring South America

The cold, long winter months often make us dream about escaping to some warmer destination. Here we would like to share a story as posted on the website of our colleagues from Crohn´s and Colitis Australia asking volunteers to share their experiences about travelling with IBD. Please note that this information is not intended to be used as medical advice and you should speak to your health care provider before planning a trip.

Exploring South America

Where did you go?

South America (Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile).

Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp

IBD-trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp

For many years I’ve been thinking about doing a trek in the Himalayas, especially the trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp. The year of 2014 should be the year to do it! But I’d never been in Asia before so I had to take my precautions, since we’ve all heard stories about people getting sick because of the food there. I took the following three precautions before leaving Denmark:

1.     Making sure I didn’t have a flare up before I left the country by taking some blood

Travel with IBD

If you have IBD you might find the idea of travelling quite a challenge.  A change of climate, water, or food can upset anyone’s bowels. Yet many people with IBD travel widely, both withing their country and abroad. With careful planning ahead it should be possible for you to travel to most places. Before you leave, speak to your doctor about a flare-up plan. This will mean you know what to do if your IBD symptoms worsen while you are away.