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The IBD Journey

The video ¨The IBD Journey¨ highlights the need for multi-disciplinary care in treating IBD, from a range of healthcare providers and carers, including doctors, nurses, psychologists and nutritionists.

Life after IBD diagnosis

For many people, diagnosis with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can be an overwhelming and confusing time. Not just for the person with the condition, but also for those who are close to them.

Being able to move forward following a diagnosis is important. People need to have the confidence to know that they can live well with their condition. “My IBD Journey: life after IBD diagnosis” is based on the real-life experiences of people with IBD and provides advice and suggested positive steps people can take as they look to the future.

Transition care in IBD

EFCCA CEO,  Luisa Avedano, participated at the press conference on Paediatric Digestive Health during the UEG Week in Vienna on 17 October 2016. She presented the Transition to Adult Care project that was being implemented by the EFCCA Youth Group and which aimed to better understand the needs of young people with IBD as concerns transitory care.

The press conference was organised following the publication of the UEG´s report on Paediatric Digestive Health Across Europe.

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"From Health System Sustainability To Promoting Inclusive Growth" - Conference Report

The Lithuanian Health Forum Conference held in Vilnius was organised to consolidate and address the policies, goals, and objectives of the Vilnius Declaration’s “Sustainable Health Systems for Inclusive Growth”, which was developed and circulated internationally during the 2013 European Council Presidenc

EFCCA Magazine 3/2016

The third issue of the EFCCA Magazine 2016 is now available online. We hope you enjoy reading about our latest activities, news from our members and other interesting articles related to IBD such as the Invisible Body (cover photo), latest IBD research, World IBD Day events and many more. A big thanks for your contributions!!!!