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Pouch surgery

"Considering whether to have ileal pouch surgery" is the title of a booklet for ulcerative colitis patients that was recently made in a joint effort between Andrew MacCombie from Crohn´s and Colitis New Zealand (and patient with an ileal pouch), Associate Professor Tim Eglinton (Colorectal Surgeon), and Professor Richard Gearry (Gastroenterologist). It is designed to help ulcerative colitis patients better understand and answer questions concerning surgically removing their colon (called a “colectomy”).

Report from Nutrition Conference

The report from the ¨Optimal nutritional care for all¨conference is now available for download. The conference was organised by the European Nutrition for Health Alliance’s (ENHA) Optimal nutritional care for all (ONCA) campaign, the Patients Network for Medical Research and Health (EGAN) together with the European Patients Forum (EPF) and the Platform Patients and Food Netherlands , organized a conference for EU patients’ groups to discuss the topic of nutrition. 

BAB Survey

BAB survey

In late 2014 we launched a survey entitled BAB – Biologics and Biosimilars to assess patients knowledge about biosimilars and to find out to what extent patients are aware of the issues involved around biosimilars medicines. The scientific coordinator of the BAB survey is Professor Laurent Peyrin- Biroulet -  from the Department of Hepato-Gastroenterology CHU in Nancy, France.

The IBD Journey

The video ¨The IBD Journey¨ highlights the need for multi-disciplinary care in treating IBD, from a range of healthcare providers and carers, including doctors, nurses, psychologists and nutritionists.

Life after IBD diagnosis

For many people, diagnosis with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can be an overwhelming and confusing time. Not just for the person with the condition, but also for those who are close to them.

Being able to move forward following a diagnosis is important. People need to have the confidence to know that they can live well with their condition. “My IBD Journey: life after IBD diagnosis” is based on the real-life experiences of people with IBD and provides advice and suggested positive steps people can take as they look to the future.