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ImmUniverse in a nutshell - watch and share our brand-new animated clip! Together, we @ImmUniverse_EU will improve diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients living with #ulcerativecolitis and #atopicdermatitis. See more on 

Study on Patient Preference

We are sharing information about a study to evaluate patient preferences for treatment goals in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The primary objective of this study is to evaluate and quantify patient preferences for IBD treatments, trading-off between different attributes of efficacy, complications/risks of treatment and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in IBD. This will be a multi-country, cross-sectional, non-interventional online survey in adult patients with IBD.  The study is available in English, French,  German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. 

ImmUniverse Website Launch

EFCCA is partner in an exciting #Horizon2020 project called ImmUniverse aimed at improving diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients living with #ulcerativecolitis and #atopicdermatitis. Go and check out the freshly launched @IMI_JU #ImmUniverse website! You can now keep yourself up-to-date on all major project developments by visiting #ulcerativecolitis #atopicdermatitis #IMI_JU #H2020

Clinical Trials Training

EFCCA Academy 2020 - Training Certified Patient Experts

We are pleased to announce that our new edition of the EFCCA Academy offering specialized training for IBD patients  started on  November 18th 2020 via the EFCCA online learning platform. This training  will focus on Clinical Trials and is composed of 3 modules:

EFCCA Patient Talks

COVID-19 psycho-social impact of lockdown in patients with IBD

“How did the IBD patient community cope with the lockdown?”, “Which is the real meaning of isolation for a person living with IBD?”, “What is really back to normal meaning? “Which role did the patient associations play in the lockdown”?