Sweden, Nina

My name is Nina Täppegård from Sweden. I was 25 years old when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis 2003. The first two years were tough as I was trying to live with the disease and my medication didn’t work at all. I got many flares. But then things improved considerably and now I haven’t had a flare for almost two years, hurrah!

Ulcerative Colitis it’s not the only disease I have got.  I was born with a squint in both eyes and it seems I have a brain injury causing Cerebral Visual Impairment, so that my eyes can’t understand what I am seeing. I have been home since the end of last year.  

Sadly in 2018 I lost my lovely job as a staff nurse working nights.  I had been working night shifts for almost 20 years and I really enjoyed it. It was a great job to help our old people in their homes. The problem was I had to drive a car all night and it made it difficult for when I needed to go to the toilet or to eat. So now I am unemployed and it´s not easy to find a job with my condition, that´s why I have decided to study again and become a church musician. I love to play the church organ. If blind people can play, I can play!

Life can throw big challenges at you, but you have to follow your heart and find a way to work in something that gives you joy.

Wish me luck!

Love Nina