EFCCA breaking news nr. 3/2011


Rod Mitchell, our former Chair, who is currently the IAPO alternate at the European Medicines Agency Patient & Consumer Working Party sent us this relevant news. Being EFCCA a IAPO member I am more than pleased to circulate it to you all.

Patient and associated organisations together with other interested parties may like to be reminded that the European Medicines Agency's new website is available at: www.ema.europa.eu .The site contains much valuable information about medicines which can now be more easily accessed through the website's improved structure. For example many have already found the "trusted" information contained in the European Public Assessment Report - EPAR really helpful when seeking information about a particular medicine which is a European centrally authorised product (medicine).
On the EMA site you can also find links to the European Union (EU) member states national competent authorities (NCAs) i.e. those national bodies which approve the use of medicines not centrally approved - and of course much else as well. Anyone with an interest in the broad subject of medicines or who just need information about a particular treatment should take some time to browse the EMA site. Please also share this information with colleagues and individual patient, family and carer members of your organisation. You may wish to add a link on your association's website to the EMA site. You are welcome to send feedback or comments about the EMA website: - www.ema.europa to us and EFCCA will take care of forwarding them to Rod Mitchell.
Thanks Rod for your support!

Date of issue: 
Tuesday, 1 March, 2011