Finland, Simo

My name is Simo and I have usually been upfront about my IBD to my employer, because that way I don’t have to make up excuses about my urgent visits to the toilet and sick leave.

I work in the restaurant industry, so breaks depend pretty much of existing situations and there isn’t always time to run to the toilet. Of course, if you have to go, then you just go.

My employers have always been understandable about my situation and they often have IBD-patient within their own circles of friends and family.

Even though my health is not the employer’s business, I believe that being upfront about my IBD has allowed me to have a healthier working relationship rather than if I had been hiding the disease.

Even when I had to take two months sick leave after surgery, I felt they were supportive and understood. I’m open about my IBD, so that I can focus on my work and show that despite the condition I can achieve great things. Unfortunately, not every employer is as understandable as mine but that might be because they are unaware of the conditions.