Czech Republic, Veronika

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2003. I was studying second year at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague at that time. Studying was stressful and I‘m convinced that it had a part in my first outbreak of the disease. Initially I was diagnosed with proctitis. Fortunately, the Mesalazine treatment worked quickly and I no longer felt the disease within a few days. I continued with my previous life, but after a year, I ended up in the hospital with 30 diarrhea per a day. I got corticoids and I got into remission again within 3 months.

But in 2005, my boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident and everything went wrong. The disease reappeared, and when I graduated from the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology in 2006, I already had pancolitis. I was in such poor health that I couldn't get a job. After I got my degree, I first had to stabilize my health. Fortunately, I was financially supported by my parents so I could focus on healing my body and soul.

In addition to taking corticosteroids, Mesalazine medications and biologics, I visited a nutritional therapist and began looking for a way to help with my diet. I tried the so-called selective diet and tested which food makes me better and which worse. I discovered that I had to eat less bread and dairy products. I knew which fruit and vegetable are ok for me or which makes me sick again.

My condition began to stabilize among other things thanks to the biologics. I could finally start working. Coincidentally, I started working at the Quality assurance department of a pharmaceutical company that manufactures drugs for IBD. The quiet office work and also the acquaintance with my husband have already done a lot of good for my soul, so I completed my retraining for nutritional counselling. I started counselling with my diet not only myself, but also friends and new clients in my free time.

In 2014, my son was born, and I went on maternity leave. I began to focus more on food and nutrition on my website. Today I have two children and I advise people with food and meals, especially people with IBD. I even wrote a book about Czech superfoods.

As a nutritionist, I also get to co-work with the Czech patient association Patients IBD where I have been a member of the executive committee since 2010. I do lectures, I consult people with their eating habits and also give advice in the Czech media. Healthy food is my passion. I experiment with long forgotten ways ho to make delicious, tasty meals using local food. I am trying to be creative and show patients, that even if their menu is limited, they can enjoy the preparations and also the final product.