Clinical Trials

In this section you will find information about clinical trials in the EU that are relevant to research into treatment options for IBD.

Clinical trials are research studies that assess the effectiveness and safety of a medical strategy, treatment, or device. Clinical trials produce the best data available for health care decisionmaking and are one of the final stages of a long and careful research process. .They follow strict scientific standards which are aimed to protect patients and help produce reliable study results.

Requirements for the conduct of clinical trials in the EU are provided for in the  "Directive 2001/20/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 April 2001 . On 16 April 2014 the new Regulation EU No 536/2014   was adopted, and published. The Clinical Trials Regulation aims to create an environment that is favourable for conducting clinical trials, with the highest standards of patient safety, for all EU Member States.