EFCCA and the European Union


Patients' role and the importance of a coordinated strategy for reducing  health inequalities throughout Europe  is placing EFCCA in a privileged position within the European arena. In fact, the recently approved European Commission Health Programme “Together for Health 2008-2013”,recognises and stresses the importance of giving voice and a better visibility to patients and their needs especially when organised in associations and / or structured organisations.


EFCCA is therefore not only a set of 27 national IBD patients' associations but an important and well-known interlocutor whose mission goes well beyond its support to National Associations in facilitating exchanges and cross-frontier activities.


EFCCA is a concrete and tangible example that European citizens with peculiar needs and claims can be effectively represented and have a proactive role in addressing policies and actions at a European level.


In 2011 a small EFCCA delegation met with Mrs Darmanin, head of Cabinet for Commissioner Dali (DG Health and Consumers’ protection). It was the first time that EFCCA had the chance of directly presenting its mission and goals to the European Commission. During the one hour meeting agreements were made for stronger collaboration and to participate at future EFCCA activities. 


Other working links have also been made with several Members of the European Parliament who are supporting a Parliamentary Question on the rights of people living with IBD. To this end this years World IBD  Day (2012) event took place in the European Parliament.


EFCCA President, Marco Greco and MEP Sergio Cofferati at the World IBD Day event 2012 in the European Parliament