EFCCA working plan 2011-2012 – THE FIGHT FOR HOPE

Six areas of intervention have been highlighted for the year 2011 based on an original working methodology aimed at actively involve national associations and their representatives.


ATHENA focused on training and exchange of knowledge and learning set towards the creation of the EFCCA ACADEMY.


IGNIS focused on EFCCA’s advocacy role and its positioning on the EU arena t towards an EUROPEAN MANIFESTO for people with IBD.


CARBON focused in establishing and strengthening collaboration and partnership Europe and worldwide.


MERCURY focused on the EFCCA communication strategy and tools.


AQUA focused on EFCCA’s transparency and ethics.


PRIMAVERA focused on youngsters to become the Leaders of Tomorrow and to foster the role of the EYG (European Young Group of EFCCA and its initiative  such as the European Summer Camp)