EFCCA History


Following the identification of IBD as a recognisable chronic illness, specific self-help groups began to appear cross Europe. By the mid 1980s, most of the groups which now constitute the European National Associations for Crohn's and Colitis patients had been formed. Further development of these organisations has reflected the growth of IBD diagnosis, the increasing visibility of the benefits of self-help associations and their increasing roles.

In the beginning of the 90s a small group of IBD associations from the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium got together with the idea of setting up a European Federation of IBD associations.


The aim then was to encouragethe exchange of information and the promotion of international activities, including knowledge exchange with Crohn’s and Colitis organisations in other parts of the world and to assist in establishing new associations in European countries where they did not exist yet. 


EFCCA timeline


1990 – Freiburg (Germany) : a number of the national associations' representatives meet together to establish the European Federation of Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis Associations


1993 - Strasbourg:  EFCCA is formally established


1996  – Brussels: EFCCA statute is officially registered in October


2008 Dubrovnik– EFCCA new deal was launched  changing the culture of the organisation- Blueprint of a dream [download of the pdf]


2009 – Brussels:EFCCA opens its headquarter in rue Vieux Marché aux Grains 48 in June


2010 EFCCA celebrates in Helsinki its 20th anniversary [download the pdf of the Anniversary booklet]


June 2010 EFCCA launches the first  set of calls for actions [download the future SIX STEPS]


June 2011 EFCCA moves to new premises in Rue Chartreux 33-35, 100 Brussels


May 2012 EFCCA receives support from several Members of the European Parliament to initiate a Parliamentary Question into the rights of people living with IBD in Europe


October 2013 EFCCA co-organises with ECCO and UEG an important event entitled "From EU Citizenship to IBDzenship" in the European Parliament 


November 2014 EFCCA co-organises conference in December entitled “ IBD:  A Rising Threat to the Health of Young Europeans”  which gathers policy makers, medical professionals and patients’ representatives at the European Parliament