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Rome, 10-11 November 2017,  Regional Patient Advocacy Workshop on Biologics and Biosimilars

Delegates from 15 patient associations representing immune modulated disease groups in the Mediterranean area gathered in Rome from 10-11 November 2017 at the Patient Advocacy Workshop in order to discuss experiences and local best practice around the issues concerning Biologics and Biosimilars.

The workshop was organized by the Global Alliance for Patient Access (GAfPA) in cooperation with EFCCA and forms part of 3 regional seminars that were held throughout this year as a follow up to our main workshop in Barcelona 2016. At the Barcelona workshop more than 60 representatives from a variety of immune modulated disease groups treated by biologic therapies decided to create greater awareness amongst patient communities regarding the issues impacting access to biologic and biosimilar treatments and to provide and improve basic understanding of the science and issues associated with biological medicines and biosimilars. The workshop report will be made available soon.

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