EFCCA breaking news nr. 5/2011


As every year EFCCA participated in the ECCO Congress held in Dublin from 24 to 26 February 2011. A boot and dissemination material were at disposal of the congress participants.
The ECCO Congress was attended by over 3000 delegates consisting mainly of doctors and other healthcare professionals and provided access to the latest scientific information and education in gastroenterology with its major focus on IBD.
The programme was structured in basic science and clinical sections. In addition, educational activities took place prior to the actual start of the congress. Thanks to the effective support of our Irish member – ISCC – EFCCA representatives had also the chance of attending some important events. Members of the EFCCA Executive Board lead by our Chair, Marco Greco, met with ECCO chairman, Daan Hommes, in order to discuss cooperation with EFCCA in particular with regard to the IMPACT survey that EFCCA launched late last year. It was agreed to hold regular bi-annual meetings starting during the next UEFG meeting in Stockholm (October) and a further meeting with EFCCA Chairman, was set up. The first results of the IMPACT survey were presented by Dr Hommes at the Congress programme. Many meetings for the EFCCA crew but also a strong and friendly support by ISCC .
Special thanks to Elisabeth, Mary and Geraldine for their warm welcome, friendship and help. 

Date of issue: 
Tuesday, 1 March, 2011