EFCCA breaking news nr. 1/2011


Here we are again and happy 2011 to you all!
A new year just started and EFCCA is pleased to inform you all that the date for the second World IBD DAY has been finally agreed. It will be again May the 19th all over the world with a new entry association being part of the worldwide platform: New Zealand! EFCCA is willing to collect all the ideas and initiatives that every national association will be planning around the event. As for the past edition the core idea is to organise sensibilisation events, exhibitions and all kinds of creative instruments to make IBD people’ s needs and points of view more visible and known all over the world. The whole week and the 2 weekends in between will be suitable for launching initiatives. EFCCA is working to achieve better results at the European level and you will be updated on any pan-European useful occasion. More information will be delivered in the next weeks and we will more than pleased if you could send us your plans and suggestions so we could circulate them to our friends all over the world. EFFCA is at disposal and looks forward to hearing from you all soon.

Date of issue: 
Saturday, 1 January, 2011